Chakra Meditation & Guided Visualization

by Eluv

Released 2008
Radiant Sol
Released 2008
Radiant Sol
This meditation is designed to align your 7 essential energy centers, your Chakras. Restoring balance in your physical and emotional body… Connecting you with a deeper sense of peace, and inner-strength…Rejuvenating your mind body and spirit.
Eluv's blissful voice guides you on a journey of inner healing to rebalance all of your Chakras and their related emotions. You will feel more relaxed, grounded and rejuvenated. This CD is an excellent tool to reduce stress in your body’s energy system, and super enhance your body’s capacity for healing itself.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheel.
It is a spinning wheel or center of life force energy.

There are 7 primary …
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