2018 First Quarter Moon in Virgo

Quarter Moon in Virgo

Today there is a clash between Mercury and Saturn, under the Quarter Moon. This can influence a “mean streak” expressed in others towards you or vise versa.

What is a Quarter moon?

The Quarter Moon happens when the Moon's at a 90° angle to (or ‘squared’) the Sun...
Quarter Moons occur twice a month – one occurs during the week between the New Moon and the Full Moon (waxing), the other occurs during the week between the Full Moon and the New Moon (waning).

Quarter moons can be a bit cheeky, creating a situation that requires your immediate attention. It's a call to action on something that has been wanting your attention. Now is the time, take the opportunity to seize the moment and deal with it. Mark it off as “done” and move on. This alone will give you a positive sense of completion and make up for anything that may have ruffled your feathers.

There is always a positive side to everything that we encounter. Life’s ups and downs give us opportunities every day to see the gift in any situation.