Prayer for Peace and Forgiveness

The present time is a test of our focus and faith. Focus; staying connected with the part ourselves that has compassion and forgiveness. The part that can see the gifts in adversity and not get entangled in the negative aspects of life. Our power and alignment come from seeking thoughts and activities that bring us and others around us joy. Anything other than this diminishes our light. Peace is cultivated from within and is not based on the external. Even in peaceful times, many people experience anything but peace within their own soul, fueled by internal struggles of the mind and emotions.

As the very nature of life is to present contrast for our expansion and transformation, there is ever-present an element of yin and yang, peace, and conflict, within and without. Without conflict, we wouldn't strive for solutions, expansion through adversity or overcome limitations that bring us to new levels. Being at peace within the existing conflict is the task of the transcendent being. It's the art of letting go of the worry, struggle and blame, trusting all is in divine order at all times.

Sometimes it's easier to tread the well-worn path of familiar ways, repeating patterns of un-empowering beliefs and thinking. Letting peace emerge is a dance of forgiveness, showered with the seeds of love, non-judgment, and patience. We may not always be on the right track with the all steps it takes to get there, but inner peace is our natural state of being and birthright. We are always welcomed unconditionally with open arms back to our natural state of inner peace, even if it's only for a short visit while we’re meditating or doing something we love. Practicing peace begins from within, embracing the journey back to our true self, and source of unconditional divine love. No matter how far off the track we are, there is always inner peace to come home to when we set aside some time and intentionally choose to journey back to peace. We may have to dig deep, trust and let go, but it's there.

Faith; It's Important not to let the absence of peace distract you or be a reason to lose faith. It's like digging for oil, you dig and dig and dig and don't find it, then all of a sudden it's shows up! Then you dig for more cause you know it's there :)

May inner peace be with you

With Peace, Love, and Light




I'm passionate about helping people empower themselves to be in full alignment with their true divine self and divine purpose. I share practical information to help you access your own truth and alignment, express your own unique gifts, move forward, and create the life of your dreams.


Sound Healer, Psychic (Intuitive) & Medium (Spirit Communicator)

My practice, features multiple modalities; Composing Music & Guided Meditations, Singing, Mantra, Art, Live music performance, Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls and Angel Harps, Ancestral Healing, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Intuitive Guidance Channeled Sessions for People & Animals.