“Letting Go” Meditation and Guided Visualization


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This is a simple yet powerful meditation for releasing and letting go of negative energy and things you no longer need or empower you.

Eluv's blissful voice guides you on a journey of inner healing to help you clear and release old fears, pains, negative thought patterns and re-harmonize your emotions.

After listening to this CD you will feel lighter energetically, more relaxed and grounded. This CD is an excellent tool to help clear your body’s energy system. It will help to redirect and transform your mental focus into a more positive uncluttered mind, leaving you with renewed strength.

Use it often for regular cleansing and “letting go” and to create the space for new things and new ways of being to come into your life and empower you. It will facilitate letting go in a very gentle and healing way... Raising your vibration through letting go and clearing brings many gifts and miracles. Each time you let go of something and clear it from your being, it also raises the frequency of your whole energy field.

This is your time to heal, let go, and manifest a new reality. Remember the law of the universe: If you let something go, you will be creating the space for something else to come in. This is true for all things, possessions, people, places, ways of thinking and being. Things that are stuck can dissolve and heal with the power of this law. When we clear and release old fears, pains, negative thought patterns, etc, we are gifted with clarity, peace of mind and much more energy. The energy that was previously held in a negative thoughts, old anger or fear, is now fully available to you again. Anything un-forgiven or unresolved that you hold onto hurts you. Forgive and let go. Life is too short.

The soundtrack features the healing sounds of gentle flowing water, birds, frogs, and crickets recorded live in Florida’s tropical landscape, delicately interwoven with a deeply relaxing musical soundscape.

Do not use this CD while driving or operating machinery.

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