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Ultrasounds Radio Show

Fridays 1pm-2pm (EST) on WMNF 88.5FM Tampa, Florida

Immerse Yourself in the Positive Frequencies of Ultrasounds Radio Show

Ultrasounds is a sublime celebration of exotic and beautiful music from around the globe. Music Producer, recording artist and DJ Eluv, was born and educated in Melbourne, Australia. Eluv’s eclectic musical taste and style has been greatly influenced by her Egyptian, Greek, and French heritage DJ Eluv ‘s music is a sublime celebration of exotic beats from around the globe…Featuring Exotic Chill Out & Lounge, World Beat, Beautiful Electronic Dance Music, Lush Ambient, Atmospheric Dub, Drum & Bass, and music for healing. Eluv’s unique approach to her Dj mixes incorporates using music as a healing modality. Her music is an uplifting Soulful Journey into the Spheres of Electronic World Music. She tunes into the energy of love and brings forth a musical mix to match this vibration. The result is profoundly positive and inspiring.

The show brings uplifting, positive vibrations through its exotic and beautiful music from around the globe and exclusive wisdom interviews, featuring spiritual teachers, visionary artists, healers, best selling authors, musicians, and other inspirational individuals. Every 3rd Friday features an exclusive segment with "The Animal Talker" ~ Sue Pike, live from New York.

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A graduate of Melbourne Radio School in Australia, Eluv was Senior Creative Programming Director and On-Air Talent / DJ, on The Womb.com Radio Station located in Miami Beach, Florida (since its beginning in 1997). She is known as “The Voice of the Womb” as her voice was featured throughout the website, CD compilations, video productions and on-air for all voice over tags. Her daily radio shows “Lovevybes” “UltraSounds” and “The Frequency Launching Pad Show” was broadcast live worldwide to over 2 million people each month via “The Womb”, “Terra.com” and “Prime Stream.” Eluv’s DJ mixes and Voice-Overs became part of the Womb’s signature sound, and can also be heard presently on radio, television commercials & websites all over the world.

My mission, no matter what style of music I am playing, singing, or composing, is to emanate love, positivity and healing vibrations. With this intent infused into my whole being, my quest is to spread love through music and words every day in every way. “Music is my vehicle for sharing universal love and light, with others. I believe music and sound healing is the medicine of our future."

I am both grateful and blessed to be able to contribute through this radio show and offer my heartfelt gratitude for your support and generous contributions to the show and the station.

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