In this interview, Dan shared lots of facts, wisdom and interesting stories about whales. He also explained the whale adoption program.
Dan is the President of The Whale Video Company "Where Whales Become Friends", Founder of the Whale & Marine Life Video Archive, Cetacean Society International Director and Google Ocean Contributor
His first experience with whales was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in 1969.  While on a US Navy ship (USS Bainbridge DLGN-25) east of Hawaii, Dan spotted a pod of dolphins surfing near the bow.  This first amazing view of cetaceans effortlessly playing on the bow of a ship moving at 25-30 knots was a wonderful event to be part of a 19-year-olds life. On another cruise near Guam, a pod of whales appeared about 1/2 mile from the boat.  No one on board knew what species they were seeing.  His interest in whale watching began anew in the mid-80’s and the whales themselves ignited a passion to learn more and a desire to protect them from harm.
After 25 years of filming and review of 8,000 hours of videotape, Dan is able to share images of the most astounding animals ever born, on land or in the water.  Humpback whales have unique personalities and are very curious.  It is this last personality trait that endears them to so many new people each year. Dan has spent more time on the water videotaping the daily lives of whales than any company in the world; more than National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet combined!
He and his team have documented sightings on 17,096 whale watching trips (68,000 hours on the water and 300,000 nautical miles covered.) The end result is a video archive totaling 8,000 hours of footage of dozens of species of whales and marine life, eighty percent covering individually identified humpback whales with names.
These special humpback whales are the subjects of several whale adoption programs in the US and UK. 
The Cetacean Society International (CSI) whale adoption program is unique because you actually get to meet your adopted whale on a special and unbelievable DVD included with your adoption package. Many include one or more members of its family tree, special or rare behaviors and the sights and sounds of being on the water with the whale you select.  You witness your favorite whale feeding, breaching, flippering and showing an interest in boats, up close and personal.
Dan produces DVDs of every adoptable humpback whale.  Each DVD introduces the adopted whale, family members and the common behaviors that make humpback whales the favorite of whale watchers.  Many will contain a unique behavior or unforgettable encounter.
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