Happy Buddha Spagyric Organic Hemp Extract

Using an ancient alchemic technique, Happy Buddha Hemp is one of the only companies that reintroduces the salts
and minerals in all of our products, giving you the most complete Full Spectrum CBD profile available on the market.


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About Spagyric Organic Hemp Extract ~ CBD 

Oil extraction is where all other companies stop, but not Happy Buddha Hemp. We take the left over biomass that has had its oils removed and place it in our custom-built incinerator. It undergoes a very simple but specific process to burn the plant at extremely high temperatures, and then even higher temperatures, leaving a white calcified ash after days of immense temperatures. What this calcification does to the salts and minerals of the plant is it makes them soluble so that we can reintroduce them into our full spectrum oil extraction, truly giving you the fullest full spectrum extraction available. The entire plant is present in our products, a true entourage effect approach.