Opening to Joy ~ Dolphin Retreat with Eluv 


"Opening to Joy" - Dolphin Retreat with Eluv 
May 8th -14th, 2022 


Join us for an experience of a lifetime in Bimini ~ The Gateway to Atlantis. 

During this "energy re-set" retreat, you'll swim with Dolphins, enjoy sumptuous healthy meals, peaceful nature, snorkel reefs & crystal clear waters. They'll be plenty of time for self-care, relaxation, play, and connection. 

Dolphins carry some of the highest & most profound Wisdom on the Planet. Swimming with wild dolphins in their natural environment is truly an enchanting journey into bliss. They support us in connecting deeper within our authentic sacred heart while enhancing our capacity for joy and creativity. This experience opens us to curiosity, expansion, fun, play, and deep healing. 

Eluv will guide and support you on this deep dive into joy with tools to advance inner transformation, heart-healing, new beginnings, and a deeper connection with your sacredness. Bring your intentions of whatever your heart desires, as this is fertile ground for nurturing renewal and manifestation. 

Space is Limited, Contact/Email me through this site for more details. 

Looking forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you, 

Love & Light Eluv



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