Octaves of Light


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A truly sublime and unique soothing blend of sumptuous world music, featuring Eluv’s blissful vocals, enhanced with delicate echoes of nature; a transformational journey deeply healing, cleansing and balancing the body, mind, and soul.


Eluv's hauntingly beautiful celestial vocals flow gracefully in her Debut CD “Octaves Of Light

A truly sublime and unique soothing blend of sumptuous world music, featuring Eluv’s blissful vocals, enhanced with delicate echoes of nature; a transformational journey deeply healing, cleansing and balancing the body, mind, and soul.


Eluv's hauntingly beautiful celestial vocals flow gracefully in her Debut CD “Octaves Of Light”. The “Radiant Sol” relaxation series came about as a divine inspiration and exploration into the healing power of music and sound as a healing modality. “Octaves of Light” is the first in this series of inspirational and healing music. This unique soothing blend of sumptuous world music, blissful vocals and echoes of nature, allow the listener to fully transcend time and space and journey into their own healing realms supported by the effortless flow of this gorgeous musical journey.

How this record came about…

Octaves of Light came about as a divine inspiration and exploration into the healing power of music and sound as a healing modality. During the time I wrote and produced this record, I was going for several Qi Gong teacher training exams deepening my Qi Gong skills. The extended practice and testing sessions were extremely demanding and challenging, physically emotionally and spiritually. At the same time I was learning the music production end of things and this was a huge learning curve. As life presents itself in lessons upon lessons to help us grow, the lessons of patience, letting go and going with the flow were ever-present lessons for me during the production. It was as if the universe wanted me to experience first hand the effect of healing through music and sound, by intensifying everything around me, so I could fully utilize using music as medicine for healing to dissolve my own stress and renew my whole being.

I decided to share this music with my students, while each track was still in the process of being worked on, I played the tracks during my Qi Gong classes, group practices and during my own personal practice over a period of about 8 months. Each session of practicing while listening to the music provided new information. The bamboo in my back yard reminded me during my own practice sessions of Bruce Lee’s quote: “Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind”. Remembering this, I stayed flexible with the music. I strived to be like the bamboo in my own being inside and out. At times, I would hear bits in the music I wanted to change, and after practice I made adjustments accordingly…I gently observed the effects of the music on others and at the same time personally experienced some of the deepest Qi Gong sessions I had ever experienced. There were times were we would all melt into the music and become the Qi of the music.

My mission was to understand how this music would affect Qi Gong and Yoga practice and observe the effects of the music as a healing modality with others during their practices and meditations. It’s not always easy to be objective when evaluating or experiencing such personal work, but I believe that practices like Qi Gong, Yoga and Tai Chi, all lend themselves to broadening the ability to go beyond oneself, and expand into the universal consciousness. In making this album I wanted to go into this universal space and make the music from this perspective. The result of many months of fine-tuning the music and infusing deep healing practices into this music is what you will hear on this album. It is a work of deep commitment and sincere love through this music to all peoples of all nations.

Sound is a universal language, an ancient tool for healing, meditation, spiritual practice and the celebration of life. To truly heal, we must first settle our heart, mind and body. The vibration of sound has the power to restore balance to our harmonic patterns, dissolve blockages, settle us, clear our energy centers, lift our spirits, empower us and heal us.

I invite you to find a comfortable quiet place for your practice. Simply “be”, and feel the vibration of sound wash over your whole being. Allow the sound to permeate deep within you. The vibration of sound within the body is like an internal massage. Each and every pore, cell, organ, muscle, gland, bone, and every part of your whole being will receive this nurturing gift of sound healing energy. As the sound resonates within your whole body, you may experience your energy changing as your vibration begins to shift. This is healing in action. Enjoy…

Your “Journey of Healing" has just begun…

Love and Blessings,


What is Radiant Sol?

Radiant Sol is Music for your Mind Body and Soul.

It is the Radiance of our brilliant Solar system magnified through this music and emanating through each and every one of us.

It is music with a mission to direct more love, and more light energy into all people on this planet.

The purpose is to illuminate our whole being, so we may transcend pain and suffering swiftly, and manifest the most positive vibrations each day in every way, and share this energy with others!

Editorial Reviews:

Ink 19 Magazine, October 2006 By Bob Pomeroy

I think of Octaves of Light as atmospheres for dreaming. I tend to put the disc in my player and drift away. The opening track, “Ginger Blossom,” feels like a global journey through the astral plane. Voices emerge from the mix evoking places as diverse as a Chinese temple and Native American ceremonies. The music speaks to me of the spiritual unity of human kind. The sounds bloom like an aural Rorschach blot allowing each of us to project our own visions into the music. “Octaves of Light” was conceived as music for healing. Eluv has created sounds that are intended to help the listener find balance and harmony. Each song takes the listener on a slightly different journey. Put this disc in your player and see where the music takes you.

Listener Reviews:

John Dingledy, Columbus Indiana 10/04/06

Profoundly yin, eclectic Aussie Eluv (Elise Zotos, now of Tampa, via NYC and Miami, of ancient Greek qi) gently tapping the hidden power of music and chant. Doubtlessly she has done her homework and long laid the groundwork for this, her initial self-produced and arranged recorded offering, with a little help from her friends. A sampling of her acoustic and dance music from the 90s can be found on her web-site at www.eluvmusic.com. But with the release of "Octaves of Light", this celestial goddess-lady has indeed tapped the crown chakra. The liner notes gently and modestly proclaim that this offering "came about as a divine inspiration and exploration into the healing power of music and sound as a healing modality." You are "invited to simply be and feel the vibration of sound wash over your entire body." So, for 1:02:48, that's what I did.

The first track, "Ginger Blossoms" is sustained by Eluv's blissful celestial chanting with a smattering of what sounds like an old American Indian medicine man joining in knowing acknowledgement. Layers of time-feeling, flowing, stoney flute. This meditative music goes everywhere and on and on. It's always hard to just "simply be" but in the moment with Eluv's tracks exquisitely laid down in the past you're lost but always found.

A didgeridoo by Darren Liebman does its beyond time/place thing in Track 2--" East Majala." Imagine a starlit sky on a desert plane. Or whatever. She'll lead you where you want to go. Try breathing in unison to her Pranayama (yogic breathwork) on this track. This is music of the spheres. Space music. From the naked savage (not Eluv, of course). This gal's powerful. I don't know where East Majala is but I think I went there. Or want to go there. In the light. And in the dark.

Her partner Anthony Bonnet is featured on tubular chimes for Track 3--"Thani Open Heart." The birds, water, frogs and other nature sounds heard on Track 5˜„Octaves of Light‰ were, yes, also recorded by Eluv at her and Anthony‚s home. Anthony (MN8 Multimedia) also did the beautiful photography and graphics for the cover of the CD. Still waters sure run deep. The only aspect not done by Eluv and her sparse Co. on this CD was the mastering by Dan Smith of Bay Sound Studios There is more blissful chanting on Track 4"Tuuli" with some oriental flavoring. Make room for Eluv, Enya!

The final track, "Night Blooming Jasmine" is, well, simply haunting, in a very nice way. Despite nodding off in bliss or near-there, the shehnai‚s (an Indian oboe and how!) plaintive wail on this track brought me back with a start. There's wisdom in these sounds. Evocative. Personal. Universal. It was dark at dawn with this track.

I can hear this music growing on and upon me, within/without me. And so can we. Eluv has offered up her best for now and then and you will feel grateful too. What a time now when she can produce, arrange and essentially perform this entire work herself. She once headed-up a 16 piece band and it shows. I'll call Eluv back again and again to a medium near me soon. All that's missing on Octaves of Light is nothing, but perhaps a sitar.

As Russill Paul writes in the Foreward to his The Yoga of Sound (New World Library, 2004) "The extraordinary advances of our recording and audio technologies can and should be used for higher spiritual purposes, assisting us in opening the doors of our mystical perception and awakening powerful energies of transformation for our species. This is the future of spiritual practice. Welcome to the world of sacred sound."

Ahh. Thank you again and again, lovely Eluv. Your sounds have vision. Morphing our ears into eyes. Three of them.

June Defteros, Mornington Peninsula,Australia 11/19/2006

Thank you so much for your beautiful CD. I came home from yoga to it so the time was perfect to relax with it. The whole effect is haunting - you're voice and Anthony's chimes, and I am surprised at the lovely delicacy of the didgeridoo which is usually a very heavy sound. Make more!

Lot's of love June

Roseanna Ellis, New Jersey 6/27/06

Dear Eluv,

I wanted to tell you about my experience while listening to your CD. I loved every one of the pieces especially Tuuli. While listening to Tuuli I found myself going into a meditative state. I envisioned your voice within my head as a bright shining light which was being moved by the melodic music of the CD. The light began to move down into my body into all my organs as if to cleanse them. It was a very beautiful experience. Thank you so much for you talent and for the CD.

Love Roseanna

Lisa Lumiere -Miami,Florida. Fri 7th September 2007

Dear sweetest angel Eluv,

Oh ~ I Looooove your music and your heavenly beautiful voice !!!! Thank you very much for your marvelous CD. I 'm listening it again and again and Again ~~~~ I'm so glad to meet you and know how you are precious to me, to Dolphins, to the world and to the Universe !!!

Infinite melodies of love
Lisa x X

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