Creating New Beginnings: Guided Meditation and Affirmations


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Eluvs Soothing Voice Guides a Transformational Meditation & Powerful Affirmations to Create New Beginnings & Gentle Sound Therapy with Crystal Singing Bowls and Ocean Waves, plus Ancestral Clearing to Restore Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Wellness

Eluv's soothing voice guides you on a transformational journey of new beginnings along with powerful affirmations.

This CD features sound therapy with healing frequencies of crystal singing bowls and ocean waves recorded by Eluv. This CD is also encoded with healing frequencies and ancestral clearing to assist you in creating new beginnings. Ancestral Clearing assists in Releasing family patterns known or unknown that may be blocking you from moving forward and experiencing abundant wellness, joy and unlimited possibilities in your life.

You will feel renewed support, more relaxed, calm and self confident. In life, peaks and valley's will always exist, yet each moment is filled with a blessing of some type, even if clouded from our immediate view. We are powerful beings who have often forgotten our power. This guided meditation supports you in learning how to see things differently so that you can get unstuck or make different choices and create a new beginning or a new outcome for yourself anytime you choose to. Once you practice this and experience how easy it is to shift and create an intentional new beginning, you have it for life. You will feel empowered within yourself, in your full confidence knowing you are in charge of your destiny. Use this guided meditation as part of your support system, a reminder to embrace new beginnings with faith and grace. Bring the joy and wonder of new beginnings into your life, allow it to fuel and nourish your spirit and nurture your creativity and self expression.

With Infinite Love, Light, Healing and Blessings Eluv

Do not use this CD while driving or operating machinery.

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