Chakra Meditation & Guided Visualization


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This meditation is designed to align your 7 essential energy centers, your Chakras. Restoring balance in your physical and emotional body… Connecting you with a deeper sense of peace, and inner-strength…Rejuvenating your mind body and spirit.

Eluv's blissful voice guides you on a journey of inner healing to rebalance all of your Chakras and their related emotions. You will feel more relaxed, grounded and rejuvenated. This CD is an excellent tool to reduce stress in your body’s energy system, and super enhance your body’s capacity for healing itself.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheel. It is a spinning wheel or center of life force energy.

There are 7 primary Chakras beginning at the base of the spine, moving up the center line of the body to the top of the head. Each of these energy centers correlates to a bundle of nerve fibers in the spinal column. Chakra’s relate to emotional, spiritual and physical energy. Their balance or imbalance can influence any of these aspects at any given time.

Each Chakra has a different frequency and is associated with specific colors and sounds. Imagine each Chakra as being a sound or note; when its in balance it sounds beautiful, and when out of balance it sounds out of tune. With this meditation we re- tune or fine-tune each chakra, nurturing each one, filling our whole body with loving awareness and positive alignment.

You may choose to use this meditation daily or weekly for maintenance and re-balancing. Each time you listen to it, you are healing on many different levels. Your body has an amazing capacity to heal and healing has no limitations. Each time you raise the vibration of one Chakra; it raises the frequency of your whole being.

This CD has 2 different soundtracks with the same Chakra mediation. In both versions the music is specifically composed and tuned to the frequency of each Chakra.

Version 1 of this meditation (Tracks, 1,2,3), features the healing sounds of Dolphins gracefully interwoven with a deeply relaxing musical soundscape. Version 2, (Tracks 4,5,6), features a deeply relaxing musical soundscape without the dolphin sounds.

Do not use this CD while driving or operating machinery.

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