Full Moon Dates 2017

January 12th     Full Wolf Moon           6:34 am

February 10th    Full Snow Moon          7:33 pm

March 12th        Full Worm Moon         10:54 am

April 11th         Full Pink Moon            2:08 am

May 10th          Full Flower Moon         5:42 pm

June 9th           Full Strawberry Moon   9:10 am

July 9th            Full Buck Moon           12:07 am

August 7th        Full Sturgeon Moon       2:11 pm

September 6th   Full Corn Moon            3:03 am

October 5th       Full Harvest Moon        2:40 pm

November 4th    Full Beaver Moon         1:23 am

December 3rd    Full Cold Moon            10:47 am


Full Moon names date back to Native Americans. Tribes kept track of the seasons by giving each recurring full Moon a distinctive name. The frequencies coming from the Moon affect feelings emotions, desires, and thoughts. The full moon time supports and encourages letting go of that which is no longer needed, nurturing one to surrender sweetly into what is.

I often do Crystal Sound Healing events around a full moon or new moon, and really enjoy harnessing the energy of the moon for positive transformation. You can check the events calendar Here.